2023 Amazon River Mission Trip - July 1 to July 9

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In July of 2023 I'll be taking my 13th trip to Brazil having first gone on my first mission trip in 2014. In that time I've taken approximately 100 people to the jungle from as young as 9 to someone in their 70s. I made my last trip in April of 2022 where we held a Pastors Conference in Manquiri. You can read about it HERE…..and then previously in October of 2021. You can read about that one HERE.

When? July 1 - 9
Where? Manaus, Brail
What? Taking the Word of Jesus to the people who live along the Amazon River
How much? $1,700 plus your flights to/from Manaus
What does it cover? Pretty much everything associated with the trip

How are you called to best use our God-given gifts to spread the Word locally, nationally or internationally? Churches and pastors can make this complicated.

It's really quite simple:
1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9)
2. Love the Lord and love your neighbors as yourself (Matthew 22: 37-39)
3. Make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:18)

That is our calling. God needs our help. We need your help. If you've ever wondered if something like this was for you, now is your chance. I wasn't always a jungle missionary. In fact I was 42 years old before I did anything like this at all with a short trip to Haiti in 2012. Now, I can't get enough, and it has been SUCH a blessing in my life, and I've done so many things I never in a million years thought I would do.

We will be working out of Manaus, Brazil with Ray of Hope Amazon. Ray of Hope is a charity that serves the people who live along the Amazon river with a special focus on families, children and those with special needs.

Our team of 20 will be spending the majority of our time on the river along with approximately 20-25 volunteers from Ray of Hope and the boat crew. These amazing volunteers work as translators, organizers, cooks, worship leaders and guides for the team. Most importantly they are incredible servants of God that you will become fast friends with in Brazil and for many years beyond.

When we are welcomed into a village, we will generally bring everyone together for some introductions followed by songs, dances or skits. Someone will share a short message, and we'll have some special time for children. We then break out into small groups of men, women, kids and teens. Most of that time is spent getting to know them a little bitt including sharing our own personal faith journey. We also will try to play soccer, volleyball or frisbee.

While on the boat will have worship, devotions, game playing, lots of great food, swimming, fishing, hammock nap time and a variety of other activities. The boats have showers, restrooms and a small kitchen.

Total cost of the trip will be $1700 plus flights to/from Manaus. This price includes meals, lodging and transportation within Brazil. Before and after our time on the river we will spend a night or two in a hotel in Manaus.

In Brazil, breakfast includes coffee, fresh juices and fruit, eggs and breads. Lunch and dinner are typically fish, chicken or beef along with rice/pasta and veggies. All the food is cooked fresh on the boat.

The trip is limited to 20 people. If you are interested in coming or have any questions, please send me an e-mail at bkassing@mac.com or contact me at 407-252-3271.

A $250 deposit will secure your spot on the team.

This can be made at:


Select Kassing MIssion Trip. The balance of the funds will be due June 1.

Please consider joining me in 2022. It's been several years since we've been able to travel the rivers and see all our people. The needs are urgent. These people can feel alone and struggle with many of the same things we do in the United States.

On the days we spend time in the villages, we do our best to make that one of the best days they will ever have. And whether is a conversation, a hug, a donation, a laugh, a cry, a game or worship, you never know how much you are appreciated for making that day special for them…..your time and commitment to these people can lay the foundation for massive life changing consequence for entire villages and generations.

Will you join us?