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Welcome to BK's BS (Brent Kassing's Bible Study).

From May of 2020 to October of 2021, I recorded a weekly 15 minute devotional every Wednesday live on Instagram, and uploaded it here and to YouTube. My purpose in doing so was to stay connected with a regular practice that occurs during our mission trips to Brazil. My goals were to:
1. Figure out a way to stay in touch with the Bible, without just reading the Bible for the sake of reading it. How can this applied today?
2. Be vulnerable and address topics personal to me and perhaps not so popular in the secular world.
3. Grow in my faith.

I'm very happy with how this practice met these goals. What's next? I'm not so sure…..but I do know Who to go to ask….

God Bless.


If Only

Have you ever thought "if only"? Like, If only those people would do this? If only those people did what I told them to do? If only those people agreed with me? Right now, our "leaders" are telling us that "if only we'd get the shot" everything would return to normal. Do you know who else could play the "if only" game? If only Adam and Eve obeyed? If only the freed Egyptians were faithful? If only those who knew and Jesus truly believed? Right? We should be mindful of falling into the "if only" world. Not only do we not know someone else's situation, are you so arrogant to think YOUR way is the ONLY way? Thankfully we don't have an "if only" God. We have a God that loves us no matter what. Not if only.

why is it so hard to ask for help?

Most people, or perhaps most people I hang out with, don't ask for a lot of help. We like to do things ourselves. I know I like to just do it. Prove to people I can do it, and I don't need any help. Although admirable in a lot of cases, there are times when you should ask for help. Most importantly, there are plenty of people who enjoy and are uplifted through service to others. So what is is about us that causes us not to ask for help? Did Jesus ever ask for help?

Family Feud

Matthew 6:
Holidays can be a challenge and this year heightens potential disagreements as it relates to our little evil friend Covid. A few tips on how I am trying to approach it.

Not prideful. Humble. Control the tongue. Be prepared to forgive.

….oh, and Happy Thanksgiving too..

The value in disagreeing

There are obvious ways to disagree that are not helpful. Politics for one. Attacking those with whom you disagree doesn't work out all that well. I'd suggest killing each other over disagreements is certainly not valuable.

However, by being challenged for your faith, your Christianity, that is healthy disagreeing. Not only will it embolden your to understand why you feel the way you do, it can also (if you lower your pride) cause you to actually adjust your thinking. And THAT, is valuable.

63 Days in the Facebook Wilderness

Tonight I talk about the important of finding that quiet alone time. Jesus gave us the template with his 40 days in the desert. I am able to find that time when I spend time in Brazil….and work on it now via my runs…and using this time to help me focus on what is good in life vs what is bad in life. Guess what was bad in life for me?