Keep the masks off!

In this video, I talk about the "mask" we all wear that hides our true feelings. Sometimes it's easy to just blend into the crowd…and even go along with activities that you know go against what it means to be a Christian. I share a couple examples of how I've taken off the mask thus letting people see my true self.

Ray of Hope Amazon's 17th Year Celebration

I was thrilled to be a able to join Gloria and Patrick Reynolds as we discussed how Ray of Hope Amazon has impacted me and others on our 17th anniversary. Also joining the video later is someone who went with me while in high school, and how the Ray of Hope experience has helped shape her now that she is starting her first real post-college job. It runs an hour so sit back, listen and enjoy.

The Value IN Change

Change sure can be hard. Right now our lives are disrupted in ways we never imagined. Even when change is for the better, we seem to want to stay with the old ways. In this week's devotional I discuss my personal change challenges, the change required when Jesus arrived and the change of living a Christian life.

It's NOT too late

Like every good missionary type person, I engaged on an adventure to learn how to play guitar. Little did I know at the time a few years ago that this journey would end up on stage with my church worship band. It's been quite a blessing. In this devotional, I share that story a bit more, and read a short story about "old" people in the Bible and most importantly, how you are never too old to accept Christ and become a Christian.


This devotion focuses on my own self awareness regarding my level of stress. I took a few days off, and we spent time in Colorado. It wasn't until a few days in did I truly realize the stress in life and how several experiences in this past week helped me realize that.

Redeeming Lives Matters (part3)

I wrapped up this series with a conversation called "Not Guilty". A key Christian principle is being forgiven; not holding on to sins of our past nor of those before us. We are have been given mercy by God. We are saved. We are forgiven. Do you and your church understand this? What better time so explain the Gospel to those around you who first look to shame, condemn and ridicule.