Redeeming Lives Matters (part 2)

Tonight I discussed the story of Matthew and the Samaritan Woman at the Well. They are perfect examples of individuals who were redeemed by God, and not simply dismissed, shamed or condemned. That's how we should treat everyone.

Redeeming Lives Matters

As Christians, why do we join the rest of the world in condemning and shaming first, vs prayers for the redemption of those who do wrong? Most are missing their moment to show what true grace and mercy is and what makes our vision different from the secular world. We are all loved by God and are redeemable through His grace and mercy. That is the message.

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Pray and forgive, not condemn and shame

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Be Yourself

God created us in His image. We spend so much time putting ourselves (or being put) into categories or race or sex or whatever. Regardless of the secular ways, we should be ourselves first.

My Journey to Jungle Ministry (Part 3 of 3)

Wrapping up this topic, I talk about what's next (or what I think may be next) in 2020 and beyond. Where will this journey lead me?