Brent has delivered approximately 75 solutions to energy companies across North America. This has included large investor owned utilities, municipalities, Co-ops and Independent System Operators.
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National Grid - Boston, MA

CIS Consolidation
Led the National Grid Design Authority working with two other vendors to consolidate all billing functions on to a single platform of Customer 1/CSS over a 30 month period. Managing a team of 10 colleagues as well as coordinating efforts across vendor partners and client. Additional work specifically with the field and meter teams to ensure a successful deployment.

CIS Consolidation Planning
Leading efforts to confirm scope and develop plans to kick off and initiate a program to bring legacy gas functionality into Customer 1/CSS.

CIS Assessment
Reviewing the historical assessments and business cases around the two legacy CIS systems to develop both a short and long term plan that potentially extends the legacy systems while also providing a framework for the future.

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Arizona Public Service - Phoenix, AZ
Quality Assurance
Led the Quality Assurance project for a Maximo asset management program. This included a review of all commercial obligations, project plans, resources, milestones and associated deliverables followed by recommendations of corrective action.

Arizona Public Service - Phoenix, AZ
Commercial Contract Services
Leading efforts associated with negotiaion of multiple vendor contracts regarding the deployment of Maximo's asset management system.
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Duquense Light Company - Pittsburgh, PA
Transformation Office Development
Led efforts associated with the development and operation of an Enterprise Transformation office. Work included organization structure, roles and responsibilities, input and evaluation tools and dashboards and other tools to monitor progress.
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Dominion Energy - Richmond, VA
CIS System Integrator Selection
Led efforts associated with the procurement of a system integrator that will replace Dominon's current Customer Information Systems with the SAP solution. Project includes RFP development, vendor evaluations and all associated commercial activities.
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ConEd - New York, NY
CIS System Integrator Selection
Supported efforts associated with the procurement of a system integrator that will replace ConEd’s two current Customer Information Systems that are billing 3.1 million customers with Oracle CC&B. Project includes RFP development, vendor evaluations and all associated commercial activities.
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National Grid - Syracuse, NY
CRM and CIS Software and System Integrator Selection
Led efforts associated with the procurement of a software solution and system integrator that will replace National Grid’s two current Customer Information Systems that are billing 7.1 million customers. Solution is an SAP CR&B solution integrated with Salesforce. Project includes requirements development, RFP development, vendor evaluations including scoring and orals and all associated commercial activities.

Pre-Proposal Readiness Activities
Developed requirements and capabilities associated with the future procurement of a software solution integrating Salesforce with a new CIS. Reviewed and/or developed numerous other documents associated with the project including business cases, resource plans, organizational design and integration.
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Fathom - Phoenix, AZ
Solution Assessment
Performed an assessment of their current customized CIS solution. Identified challenges and issues holding Fathom back from scaling company to meet future growth. Recommended new CIS software and approach to move forward.
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Emera - Tampa, FL
AMI/MDM System Integrator Selection
Provided procurement services associated with the deployment and integration of an AMI and MDM Solution for the Emera Consortium of companies. These include Tampa Electric, Nova Scotia Power and Emera Maine. Project will be multi-jurisdictional/country and cover approximately seven years.

The project included the development of an RFP, vendor scoring, orals and the development of multiple documents, presentations and spreadsheets to communicate and guide the process across the consortium.
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Sewer and Water Board New Orleans - New Orleans, LA
Meter to Cash Process Optimization
Provided documentation, business process artifacts and recommendations regarding the most efficient means of working with a newly installed Cogsdale customer solution (CIS).
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Lubbock Power and Light - Lubbock, TX
Project Oversight
Provided advisory services related to the deployment of several products in the KUBRA family of products. Identified key holes in project planed and worked across team to mitigate potential deployment issues.
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Duke Energy - Charlotte, NC
CIS Vendor Selection
Providing advisory services related to the selection of the software vendor and system integrator associated with the replacement of four legacy CIS application along with numerous other solutions. Provided detailed financial and staffing analysis and comparisons to asset with the procurement activities. Assisting and advising with software and system integrator commercial agreements.

Change Management Vendor Selection
Assisting with efforts to secure a vendor to provide Change Management and Training services associated with the larger Customer Connect program which includes CRM and CIS. Developed scoring and evaluation criteria, identified vendor candidates, evaluated responses and assisted with commercial agreements.
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Consumers Energy - Jackson, MI
Notifi Implementation and Enhancements
Served as account executive for production support and on-going enhancement to iFactor’s customer engagement solution. The enhancements centered around alerts for a new peak pricing program. changes to the alert approach for outages and updates to messaging regarding bill alerts. Led and/or participate in various requirements and design sessions and worked with technical architect, project management and development team to finalize document and project schedules.

Held regular weekly calls with Consumers leadership to coordinate project priorities including the deployment of solution from testing to staging and production. Also managed the trouble ticket items, prioritized bug fixes with production team and generated change orders as necessary. Responsible for SOW, change requests and purchase orders along with other various processes associated with the commercial agreements.
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Exelon - Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore
Outage Fax System Replacement
Identified requirements, schedule and approach to use an iFactor solution to replace a legacy fax communication solution that is no longer being supported.

Web Convergence
Worked with internal team and team from all of Exelon operating companies to develop and support a consistent look and feel of the iFactor maps as part of Exelon Utilities larger web convergence project. Project included the updating of mobile and desktop sites, Facebook specific maps and various other cosmetic and back end technical items.

Storm Center 4 Outage Map Implementation
Served as program manager of the deployment of the advanced iFactor Storm Center 4 outage map. Duties included defining project plan, managing resources, coordinating activities between Exelon and iFactor, texting and issue management. Developed enhanced schedule that allowed the project to be implemented ahead of time and prior to busy holiday weekend. Activities took place at client site in Philadelphia and iFactor site in Tempe.

Work Order Map Implementation
Responsible for the deployment of a new mapping solution for iFactor. Work Order Map displays field services work on a map for internal use by Exelon employees at both Comed and PECO operating companies. Map shows completed, in-progress and planned work. Duties included defining project plan, managing resources, coordinating activities between Exelon and iFactor, texting and issue management. As a new solution, extensive time was spent on time, configuration of solution and definition of and processing time of data files.
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Hawaiian Electric Companies - Honolulu, HI
Enterprise Information System Strategic Roadmap
Led efforts associated with the development of a ten-year Enterprise Information System Roadmap that will be used across three operating companies in support of their corporate goals and initiatives. The subject matter included both current applications, but also projected new systems such as AMI, MDM, GIS, ADMS, ERP and EAM. Additionally, the team reviewed the supporting peripheral applications that are operated and maintained by Hawaiian Electric.
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Kansas City Power & Light - Kansas City
IT Strategic Roadmap Assessment
Led an evaluation and assessment of KCP&L's long term capital spending roadmap as it related to AMI, Meter Data Management, Outage Management System, Customer Information System and Enterprise Asset Management. Through workshops and interviews with key stakeholders, developed a presentation and report dictating recommendations that balanced technical capabilities, organization impact, budgets and personnel.
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New England Independent System Operator - Holyoke, MA
Financial Application Management
Worked with the CFO and Credit Manager to help define an approach for the design, development and long-term maintenance of their internally managed credit application.

Transmission Operating Guides (TOGS)
Was responsible for reviewing the current TOGS and developing a unified approach to the review and editing of the TOGS to ensure that consistent information was being provided. This included the creation of a common template, identifying standards around “keywords” to enhance search ability, the integration of the template with Sharepoint (a knowledge management software), and the development of a comprehensive plan (including time, resourcing and cost) to update each of the TOGS regularly going forward.

RTO/ISO Comparison

Was responsible for gathering relevant comparison data from the eight other active system operators in North America. The data gathered included geographic and generation information, governance aspects and market structure and was presented to the ISO NE executive team.

Energy Management Systems

Was responsible for reviewing procedures related to software implementation within the Energy Management Systems (EMS) group. This included researching policies and developing standards around error identification, communication with outside vendors, acceptance of externally developed fixes and enhancements, site acceptance testing and subsequent implementation into production. Following this effort, the standards within the EMS group was expanded to other departments within the Information Technology department including developing standards for work associated with internally custom developed software and integrating that into the previously created EMS effort.

Program Management (RTO NE)

Worked as part of the program management group to coordinate ISO NE conversion to a Regional Transmission Organization. His responsibilities included identifying deliverables, tracking and reporting project status, organizing working group meetings with market participants and assisting with the completion of project deliverables.

Settlements Integration and Market Trial Testing
Managed the testing effort and was responsible for verifying testing results, reporting errors and testing any new Settlement system changes prior to promotion into the Market Trial environment. Brent also verified and tested all settlement reports, kept track of the regular changes to the system, updated documentation and tested new Settlement functionality while continuing to keep the project on schedule. In addition, Brent helped coordinate the physical and technical transfer of data between the operations group and settlements software.

Settlements Product Testing
Managed the Product Test effort associated with ISO NE’s custom-built software system to support Standard Market Design. This included setting up the technical testing environment, the issue resolution process, the code migration process, test condition/script tracking and test scripts. Additionally, expected results were created for each script using multiple spreadsheets that mimicked all the Settlement calculations. Brent also trained the Settlement staff on proper testing techniques.

Settlements Unit Testing

As part of the development team, created test data and expected result spreadsheets that were used to compare expected results to actual results. He also created an automated processes using visual basic that will allow a user to extract input data from the spreadsheet into the system database. These tools were used to validate the functional and technical requirements of settlement system.

Other Testing
Assisted with the testing effort of Load Response and NCPC, applications that were enhancements to their existing system. These included organizing the testing effort, determining the scope of the testing activities and performing manual calculations of actual settlement results.

Working on the business side of the organization, assisted settlements during the Congestion Management/Multi-Settlement (CMS/MSS) project by creating functional specifications for the new Settlements system as well as developing the associated training materials, new processes and procedures.
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California Independent System Operator (CAISO) - Sacramento, CA
Credit Assessment
Led the review of CAISO’s credit systems and processes in anticipation of upcoming MRTU market changes. The assessment included researching other system operators to determine a benchmark, analysis of the current systems and processes, and a study into potential areas of exposure with MTRU. In addition, there are several new projects/markets being considered for California in the 18 months following MTRU that were also reviewed as part of the assessment.
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New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) - Albany, NY
Credit Management System
Part of an integration team assisting with the implementation of Rome’s CreditRisk solution to automate NYISO’s credit activities and provide a data store to perform future scenario based risk analysis. Was responsible for business analyst activities that include the development of use cases, requirements confirmation and system designs. He was also responsible for providing market and system operator training to the internal implementation team.
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Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) - Carmel, IN
Data Warehouse
Led an effort to develop a data warehouse data dictionary (Metadata) while also establishing and implementing a communication plan for the data warehouse project.

Reliability Assessment
As part of the MISO Day 2 market opening, created a Reliability Assessment Coordinators (RAC) Tool to assist with the validation of the automated solutions that would allow for the creation of a unit commitment solution in the event the primary application fails. Developed using visual basic, the tool performs both capacity analysis and constraint verification. Additionally, the tool allows for off-line analysis of the automated solutions to validate the normally determined economic dispatch.

Regulatory Affairs
Assisted with the development of communication tools to be used by MISO personnel in order to facilitate discussions related to the filing of the Midwest Market Initiative Tariff.
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ERCOT - Austin, TX
Nodal Market Impacts
Was responsible for developing a report that described the impacts of the nodal market to three ERCOT departments, System Operations, System Operations Support, and Market Operations Support. The report benchmarked two other system operators with regards to tasks and staffing as well as reviewing and understanding the proposed nodal protocols. Recommendations were made with regard to personnel levels, task organization and general departmental organization.

Startup Activities
Acted as interim ERCOT staff, regularly attended working group sessions on behalf of ERCOT as the new ERCOT organization was being created. Helped define the Commercial Organization (Settlements) for ERCOT including developing a basic organizational chart, roles and responsibilities, professional qualities, recruiting needs, reporting responsibilities and training tasks for a completely new group of 60 employees.

Additionally, assisted with the development of the request for proposal for the new market system, led the evaluation process of the vendor selection, helped author the statement of work and worked with the selected vendor to help further define the system requirements in the initial phase of the solution development.
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Juice Energy - New York City
Juice energy was a new start-up energy company whose primary focus was the commercial and industrial companies in New York and Texas. They contracted firm to assist with their entry into the marketplace. Was responsible for determining both the business process and system needs of this new entity. Processes were documented, vendors were recommended and a project implementation plan was created.
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Oklahoma Gas and Electric - Oklahoma City
Was responsible for helping manage OG&E’s entry into the Southwest Power Pool (SPP). SPP was implementing a real-time imbalance market that is requiring OG&E to implementing significant technical and organizational changes. Identified these activities, developed new training materials, developed settlement and dispatch processes and procedures, conducted software readiness testing and helped develop OG&E’s operational strategy going forward.
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PJM Interconnection - Valley Forge, PA
Managed the testing of a PJM’s next generation settlement system, a custom built solution being developed in-house by PJM. He developed processes and procedures to track progress of test condition writing and test execution as well as creating estimates to guide the planning of the overall project plan.

Created test conditions, test scripts, and test data, and use a combination of visual basic, Excel, Access and other ad hoc scripts. He also developed a tool that allowed for the transfer of data from PJM’s legacy system to the new settlement system’s database. Finally, Brent helped bridge the technical and functional gaps between the business system requirements and the actual delivered solution.
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Central Vermont Power Systems (CVPS) - Burlington, VT
Green Mountain Power (GMP)
Both CVPS and GMP changed their status to a direct participant with the ISO NE on 5/1/04. As a result of this significant event, reviewed their readiness with regard to their technical capabilities, their personnel impacts and their overall operational responsibilities and provided them with a list of tasks that needed to be reviewed and accomplished prior to key entry date.

Additionally, post-implementation, reviewed their situation after two months of direct participation to validate their original assumptions. Lastly, performed a review of their performance in the market.
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Western Farmers Electric Cooperative - Anadarko, OK
Managed the day-to-day operations of this program and identified 11 individual projects involving major system upgrades/replacements as well as the human resource implications associated with the Western Farmer’s planned entry into the competitive Southwestern Power Pool (SPP).
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UTS/Itron RMS Solution - Raleigh, NC
Created and defined system requirements, detailed work plans, development methodologies, and time/status tracking tools for a custom built solution for the Independent Market Operator in Ontario.
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Commonwealth Edison - Chicago
Billing System (CIS) Maintenance and Enhancements
Working with a recently implemented retail billing system, managed a team of 16 consultants and clients who held responsibility for nightly batch operations, billing help desk, data base tools, error analysis and various special projects. Led numerous efforts to alleviate significant no-bills recovering millions of dollars in revenue for the company.

Led efforts associated with the development of verification plans for nightly metering/billing results and created processes to allow a new team of 30 to 40 individuals to solve simple metering/billing issues.
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Nicor - Chicago
Billing System Development (new CIS)
Created a five month detailed design work plan and developed procedures to manage and track the initial phase of a custom developed retail billing solution.
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Orange and Rockland (O&R) - Pearl River, NY
System Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance of new CIS
Was responsible for a leading a team of seven professionals through the entire development process from design to implementation. This included creating, tracking and monitoring a detailed development plan, identifying flawed requirement definitions, re-working designs, creating a testing methodology, system error tracking, and performing overall system maintenance as well as implementation strategies.
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Southern Company - Atlanta
System Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance of new CIS
Was responsible for the software development (COBOL, C++) of a custom built retail billing system related to meter reading interfaces, summarization modules, meter validations, meter estimations and charge type creation.