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Welcome to BK's BS (Brent Kassing's Bible Study).

Mission trips always provide time for my team's to listen to and prepare devotions. When 2020 came around and mission trips went away, I started to do them myself weekly. What began as a short-term idea has turned into a long-term discipline that's changed me for the good in so many ways.

My goal here is to take my observations of every day life and put a Christian perspective on them. I do my best to be transparent, honest and consistent knowing that there are other takes and opinions across all of these topics. Like everyone, I've made good and bad life choices. However, by dedicating time to the regular study and application of the Bible, my goal is to work towards making those "good" choices more than those "bad" ones, improve my spiritual development and continue my never-ending journey as a Christian.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!


The Power of Teaching

The old saying….."those who can't do, teach…". Recently I took my wife to the golf driving range for the first time. I took a few minutes to teach her some basics about the golf swing. Little did I know that by teaching her about her swing, I was also re-enforcing what I should do with my swing. And you know what? The same can be said when you share your faith and teach others about the Bible. Who have you taught lately?